Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ukrainian Eggs

I have fond memories of making Ukrainian eggs with my mom and sister way back in the eighties. I loved spending hours creating with this ancient process; using the heat of the flame, wax and the many colors of dye to make traditional designs and to create my own. 

I could hardly wait until I could share this art form with my children! Hence, they had their first experience making Ukrainian eggs at a young age. For many years now, we also gather friends together to create these delicate eggs. It is fun to see the abundance of creativity unveil in deep vibrant patterns of color as the hours fly by.


Architecture continued to be a theme from drawing to egg dyeing. 

My daughter decided to make a cityscape too!

 The cat, pink and purple design and the rainbow are also her creations!

My daughter thought to use cotton swaps to add dye to smaller sections of her designs, so she wouldn't need to dye the entire egg each time. This technique also gave her many more color combination choices.

Melting the wax to unveil the finished egg.

If you are inspired to create your own Ukrainian eggs, there is little investment to hours of fun! 

When you have a moment, stop by the Ukrainian Gift Shop in Minneapolis to see traditionally decorated eggs, pick up supplies and watch these delightful eggs being decorated right before your eyes!

There is also a website with a shop and make sure to read their beautiful history of emigrating to America.

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