Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

Landscape on the North Shore

I enjoy going to the North Shore and discovering something new, either a destination or the ever changing landscape.  I noticed a sign for a byway that I have missed possibly a dozen times in the past and of course we had to see what treasure was down there. We found this beautiful construction surrounded by green and blue hues on the quiet of a back road.

We call it Seagull Island...

Walking to the beach...

Fog rolling out...

A loon!

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Bridge Less Traveled

We were on our way to our favorite vacation spot and the van broke down, so we experienced a staycation for a couple days while it was repaired. The kids were looking at a Lego creation book and a spark began to grow within me. Why not build something from my imagination! I didn't have Legos when I grew up or even knew about this type of creative building back then.  My experience with Legos began with my children, constructing kits. Which I found out quickly, that I really enjoy putting together all these tiny pieces, especially with them!
I decided to create a bridge with whatever extra Legos we had. Not too far into the project, I ran out of gray...then brown and all the other colors. Therefore the road ended on either side, abrubtly. Enzo gave me some pointers along the way too.  For example, the water had to include white and the lines on the road needed to be evenly spaced.  All in all it was a fun adventure in Lego land!