Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winter Sun

In the summer, I often forget about the winter sun that shines in our kitchen until winter comes along and we are warmed by the suns rays.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Delights

 A lovely winter afternoon was spent crafting with a few dear friends. Every possible craft supply that may give inspiration to the heart and hand was carefully set around the creative space.

While making things, yummy treats sweet and savory along with Esprit de Noël tea and homemade hot chocolate with whip cream and teeny tiny chocolate chips sprinkled on top for the children were sipped and nibbled on while cutting, gluing and conversing.

Using these wooden spools was at the top of the list!

Before everyone arrived, I had a quiet moment to entertain my craving to craft. A few natural items created this pleasing piece. 

During the following hours some glitter was accidentally added to the tree and gave it that bit of sparkle it needed! Thank you dear friend!

A hand felted fluffy bird was the beginning of this colorful place marker.

 The first of the wooden spool place markers! The natural grooves in the wood sparked the stripes.

 Now for some pink!

Yay! The birch bark paper straws found a home in this piece along with the bell, inspired by one of our dear friend's creations!

 Searching through the whole collection of beloved deer, this one was the perfect size.

Our dear friend brought a gift of beautifully homemade wrapped twig ornaments... which inspired wrapping Lake Superior driftwood!

Gold,  hearts and some natural items were gathered and put together in an ornament.

 Using the same idea, my daughter added shimmery color to the letters and glitter! Love it!

 A couple more of her design!

Monday, December 7, 2015

String Art

For this Art Experience, we made string art!  

I've wanted to make this project for a long time and finally have the chance!  For this piece, I had inspiration from a drawing I did on the bathroom mirror earlier in the day. 

Even if it's raining and feels gloomy, the raindrops can shower us with color!

My daughter made the following beauty!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cut & Paste

Sitting under a canopy in the backyard on a breezy summer day while browsing through magazines was an ideal way to spend time with friends. Every now and again the breeze would lift one of the cut images into the air to let it fall somewhere in the grass. One image was taken away to not be found! Off to the next image. These are the surrealistic images that were created over hours of cutting and pasting, chatting and sharing.

The following two images were created by my daughter. She has an eye for arranging the images!