Saturday, February 28, 2015


Our cat, Ginger Muffin, is often the focal point of our daily entertainment and creative life!  Often we will hear Enzo say, "Get the camera! Get the Camera!"

Friday, February 20, 2015


The beauty of a flower is always there to please the eye...perfect in every curve, color and scent. When they begin to die...the humanness begins to emerge through each petal falling one by one creating a new emotion or as the life slowly dries and wrinkles the delicateness of each petal turning each one into silk...this creates the pain, joy, sadness or the heart full of love. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Thank you Tal for inspiring the second photograph! If you would like to see Tal's current work, click on this link

Friday, February 13, 2015

Painting Series of Four

< Polar Circle >

< Creatures >

< In the Balance >

<Imagination Conservation>

It began after all the busyness of the holidays.  My mind would go straight to creative endeavors though my hand didn't follow until much later.  Inspiration flowed through old books, collage, color, shapes, memories of coloring books, a wonderful group art experience at my cousin April's baby shower, browsing endless art books and creative blogs. One moment a few weeks ago, I jumped right in...the first painting was a springboard to what followed.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sugar Crystals

When I was eight years old,

I went to Fort Snelling on a class field trip.  I brought some of my own money and was curious to see what was in the old time store. When I saw the glittering colors of the rock candy, I knew instantly.  It was the first time I had tried this sweetness of pure sugar and I loved it!  Thereafter, I looked for this candy at every place we visited. 

When I found out we could make it at home, my mind was racing to the idea of eating rock candy everyday! I followed the directions, waited, but it didn't work.  The disappointed was so deep that I didn't want to try again.  Though rock candy continued to be one of my favorites. Probably next to cotton candy.  Two of the candies that weren't readily available way back when.  

Now years later, my own children want to make rock candy.  They measured, poured and waited.  They wanted to add color, though we only had raw sugar available at the time.  It worked! And it tasted how I remembered!  Mila wanted me to share it with you, so enjoy the success and the fun we had sharing in an experience...with history! We'll be making these again!