Monday, March 7, 2016

A Splash of Green III

Collection of Green  20.12 

Another year of green abundance!

A little someone put some peas in my smoothie! 

The Sunflowers and wires caught my eye because of the contrast and also the similarities.

Watching my son play army on the beach contributed to this scene with a larger than life view. I also used this photo to create one of his birthday invitations. 

 Walking into the garden I noticed seeds on top of a sunflower and wondered why they were there. Later on the same day, I saw birds perched on top, eating seeds they had picked. 

The beginning before blossoming.

 My daughter walking in the sculpture garden.

The vibrant green of new growth. 

Reflection of the sky near Lake Superior.

The kids found a baby turtle in the yard and wanted to make sure it stayed safe. They put it into a container with water and parsley and brought it to the nearby pond.

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