Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tying Knots

When I think of macrame it is often 1970's decor that comes to mind, though in the last couple years I've seen more and more modern twists on this nimble dance of tying knots. We practiced at first using large straws and different color yarn to visualize how the strings intertwined. After making the first one, many ideas came to mind and many more are still fluttering around my mind.

Driftwood with Kool-Aid dyed yarn using the vertical half hitch knot.

Driftwood with bulky black yarn using the double half hitch knot.

 "Black Olive" this piece was so kindly named by my daughter. This was the first one where I experimented with a varied pattern of spiral stitch and the double half hitch.

A beauty made by my daughter using driftwood and the square knot. 


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Times Square

Walking up the subway steps all of my senses awoke with the energy of the city while my heart began to race in anticipation of what was around the next corner.

The sights with all their wonder...layer upon layer of color, values, reflections mingled with images constantly in motion created a work of art with every blink of the eye.