Saturday, March 12, 2016

30 drawings in 30 days

A dear friend asked if I would like to join an on-line drawing group. I thought what a great idea, I could manage drawing something from time to time, share with the group and be inspired by others.

A couple days later I realized they had begun a drawing challenge. Yikes! I had a lot going on at the moment and at the same time thought this is a wonderful opportunity to get back into drawing everyday.  This is the push I needed! Thank you Wendy!


Repeat Pattern


 Non-dominant Hand



Childhood Doodle

 Rocks come to Life



Positive Negative 

 Positive Negative II


 Dia de los Muertos

Tennis Shoe


 Kitchen Utensils



 Childhood Toy

 Cross-contour of Hand

 Cross-Contour Three Objects


Crumpled Paper

When creating, I want to draw until my heart's content, so I often went past the 20 minute time limit and posted two or three drawings at one time (mostly due to computer issues). 

I was thinking that at least I was drawing everyday! Then there were the times I was so scared to draw the subject matter that I didn't draw it. All in all, I learned a lot about myself and as the challenge came to an end, the drawing group and this exercise has inspired me to continue drawing!

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