Sunday, September 21, 2014

a NaTuRe walk

There were many treasures discovered on our very very long nature walk on a path often taken by my husband during the cross country skiing season.  Half way we needed to take the less groomed path, with two beaten narrow grooves that looked like a small vehicle would fit or trails for deer and other animals.

Our conversations were as natural as the surroundings and the pace we were strolling along with a pause here and there. We observed wasps chasing the monarchs away from the flowers, a garter snake before disappearing in the grasses, a hawk above in the trees, scat from several different animals and a beaver dam as tall as us.

This last photo shows us being all giddy from the fresh air, exercise and pure beauty that was all around us!

Friday, September 19, 2014


While browsing art and craft books at the library, I was attracted to a felting book all about food.  I showed it to my daughter and we each chose something we wanted to start with...realizing we needed a few more colors, we rode our bikes to the local farm.

Mila made the carrot and I began with a macaroon.  Well, what I began doing turned into a mushroom!  And then I began again...

It's so pleasing to find inspiration and go for it without delay!  We had most of the materials to felt right at home because we began this journey years ago while visiting the local farm for their events.  They have a cute little shop with everything you need to felt including a rainbow of wool, which is sheared and cleaned at the farm then sent out to dye.

As we were finishing up our first creation, my son saw what we were doing and requested a pizza!   

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Paper Flowers

I'm helping a dear friend with wedding decorations and we began by making paper flowers using vintage books.  I had forgotten my glue gun, so I cut and curled many petals to put together at a later time.  I had so much fun gluing them together that I decided to make gluing technique improved and I used some color pictures in the mix.

PS: While posting these photos, I noticed something in the flowers for my dear sister! Love, love, love.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


A burst of intense color...

A delicate satchel...

Velvety parcels to carry special somethings...