Friday, March 25, 2016

Sugar Bush

 As a family, we've volunteered many hours over the years at a local farm and this was the first time we helped at the sugar bush. Our daughter is a pro and helped us along the way with the maple syrup process.

 Carrying a full pail of maple sap.

 Maple sap dripping into containers.

 Skimming foam off the top of the vat that evaporates the maple sap and shaking it off onto the ground.

 Abstract scene of steam floating off the vat of evaporating maple sap.

 A couple images hiding in the trees.

 Collecting maple sap.

 Filtering the maple sap.

Nearby, our son made himself a little camp while wishing we had some marshmallows to roast.

Our son said pointing up, "Look... near the chimney!" It took me a moment and then I saw what he was pointing at...the steam and heat blurring the vision of the trees in the background.

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