Thursday, April 24, 2014

Human Nature

My enchantment with flowers began as far back as I can remember with my mother's flower gardens, always blooming and changing with the seasons.  Later, on our first date, my husband offered me flowers.  It was so unexpected and I love that he continues to do so, bringing back memories and creating new ones. 
We lived in London for some time and flowers became a subject in many of my pastel drawings.  As the flowers were wilting and shriveling, I noticed another beauty...a kind of humanness.  
One day when I was riding the Tube, an old man walked on asking for money.  I was observing the people look away trying not to see him.  I didn't have any money on me and blushed.  The old man became angry at the people and stepped out.  I felt for him.
When I arrived home I began drawing the wilted daffodils Johann had given me the week before and I was surprised what I saw in the finished pastel.  It was the old man, the people on the train and myself.  This is the day I saw humanness in everything.

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