Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating Cloudbeary

There was a couple weeks in the beginning of January where I had some time to create a drawing or art work each day.  One of the art pieces was a sketch of ideas for this blog.  I already knew the name, one that I created years ago while living in Paris.  It connected me to my beginnings when I felt so far away at the time.

A week or so before posting on the blog for the first time, I began playing around on the computer to create the header...I thought the blog needed to be "perfect" or just how I wanted it, before I began posting.  With some inspiration from another blogger's post, I jumped right in. Even though I wasn't finished with all the details...I knew to follow my heart.

While thinking about how to maneuver the computer rendition to my liking a few different things inspired the following work in progress... several visits to the Matisse exhibit, some Eeboo paper in several patterns and colors and a conversation with my mom about paper cutting.

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