Saturday, January 14, 2017


Yes, I love puzzles... for many reasons and frankly I'm good at it. Since childhood, it's been a yearly tradition to put together a puzzle during winter break. With leftover snacks from the holidays and a hot drink, I'm good to go for hours. Sometimes it can even be difficult (my family says it's "very" difficult) to drag me away from the table because there is "one" more piece that fits.

This winter was "the" year of puzzle making and I enjoyed every minute. Over time the pieces seem to fall into place without any effort at all, as my eyes and hands are in perfect rhythm. Then I pause to ponder the color, a fold in the drapery, the design of each shape as it develops into an intense study of every detail of an artists' work, Charlie Harper and Michelangelo to be precise.

I've been drawn to Charlie Harper's work since I was a kid. I especially enjoy the mix of the natural world and the repetition of geometric lines and shapes.

Here is one my daughter worked on. Love those cats! The watercolor and different expressions create a friendly clowder of cats.

This is a mini puzzle that was presented from a small tube. These kind are almost the most intricate due to the pieces only having a handful of variance, so one really needs to look at the image. Guess which plant was the most tedious?

Ah, and the last one that was finished just yesterday, the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. At first I thought this was going to be exasperating, though as I began placing the pieces and discovering new ways to explore, it became the one I loved putting together the most. 

Examining all the details was especially gratifying. Thinking about how many figures, draperies, marble elements were painted in such a grand scale. Realizing there is so much more to this work than the most recognizable scene. I long to visit this masterpiece in person. 

Throughout the days, many things fluttered through my mind. They are moments to relax and reflect, to let my thoughts wander. I remember fondly my art school days drawing folds of fabric for hours and hours along with still life and figures. Hmm, maybe it will be another path to follow.

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