Monday, April 18, 2016

To Town

While walking back from town to see if the ice cream shop is open for the season, I took some photos that sparked our interest along the way.

The ice cream shop was not open yet. It was disappointing, but there was ice cream to be found at the hardware store! This is were the photos began... 

Is this really an ice cream bar? Enzo said it looked like dirt and maybe something else too.

A piece of history... when all the news and advertisements were stapled to a plank of wood or post.


 Crumbling Foundation

A little pony that may have been lost during the winter months. 


She was put up on the wall to catch the eye of another passer by and possibly someone to take her home.





 Bark that weathered to appear like leather.

Bright Green


  1. I love these photos Ann! Just today, in my persuasion class we were analyzing visual rhetoric, so seeing these photos I am bursting with thoughts on how they could be viewed. I am not much of an artsy person, but after reading through the articles and talking through a couples pieces of art in class, I have a new appreciation for art of different types. I love seeing your blog how you put your own artistic flare on it. Hope to see you soon! Jen Larson