Sunday, April 10, 2016

Drawing Challenge II

After a fleeing break, I wholeheartedly welcomed another drawing challenge! Being more in the groove and having the experience of the first one, I was able to work out the timing of accomplishing the task from what to draw to the finished drawing. Sometimes I went over and caught up with a few drawings in one day. I was hard on myself at first, but soon realized that when I was happily drawing, taking my time, I was more pleased with the outcome.
Thank you Jen for introducing this drawing challenge and to both you and Wendy for sharing in this experience!

My Favorite Recipe, Oyako Donburi!
This prompt was by far my favorite. It happened to land on a day where I had more time to draw, though it took me a day to just think about which recipe to choose. Too many possibilities, so I'll be drawing more of them! The following morning, I brought my sketch supplies with me and drew up the idea while waiting for my daughter. I planned to work on it in the evening, where I stayed up way past my bedtime!

Quilt Block
A fun exercise of creating design. I added a white outline after posting it.

Reverse Drawing
Memories reemerge with having used this technique in a large drawing of a cat I drew so many years ago. 

Fishes à la Ana Ensh
 Another one of my favorites! I took a little extra time with this one too...researching fish images, organizing the shapes to create a "follow the leader" flow and adding all the dots.

Anthropomorphism Plus
This was a little difficult for me to begin even though it is intuitive. After drawing a few, I began to loosen up and after a few more began to let go of the outcome. 

Boots and Shoes
On this day I remember vividly that I did not want to draw and made myself draw anyway.

I looked around my home for flowers to draw and found real, dried and beauties on teacups.

My Favorite Drink
I had a stash of chai ingredients all ready to draw!

After figuring out which shapes to use, it was easy to flip them around and color specific shapes in to create different patterns.

Negative Space
I knew I wanted to use the rabbit sculpture in this drawing because of the long ears.

Hand Lettering
This quote is from a children's book I wrote many years ago.

What's for Breakfast?
I had already eaten breakfast before receiving the prompt, so I used my daughter's smoothie and the croissant my son had taken a couple bites out of to create this drawing. Using watercolors was so fun and meditative, that it was difficult not to go too far with the black ink.

Not having a strong light source made this prompt a bit tedious, though I'm pleased with the results.

Weaving with Sculptural Element
Jumping off the shadow prompt, I continued using shadow in this one.

Collage Painting Drawing
 I found an assortment of magazine photos to use and many ideas floating emerged in my mind. It was difficult for the paint to stick, so I tried a few different things. Later, I remembered using chalk markers in previous work and will use those again next time.

Contour Plants
This was a relaxing prompt where I drew from life and magazine photos. The cherry blossoms were brought into "Draw your Favorite Recipe".

Browsing through magazines for different designs and isolating them in sketches.

Sketchbook Cover
I didn't use a sketchbook for all of the drawings in this drawing challenge and thought, why not finish up the challenge with the last prompt. I began painting the cover of one of my many loosely used sketchbooks.

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