Thursday, February 18, 2016

Colorful Handicraft

Long after our guests went home, I could still be found felting and sewing as this creation slowly came to life.  Inspiration was drawn from an H&M girl's dress (only if I could find the fabric in bolts!), many colorful rovings bought from a local farm and combining fabric and felting.  



As with my most recent projects, I had a difficult time taking a break until finished...I was continuously thinking of the whole process until the next time I could pick it up again.  My heart is full!

To the beginning...

Before the guests began to trickle in, my daughter and I started to play around with the scraps of fabric and colorful roving to warm up our creative hands and hearts.

 To spark the creative process, a few finished projects made in years past were brought out including this felted macaroon and these felt critters.


A bit of history!

Some years ago, I stumbled upon The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo. The animals were so adorable, I could hardly wait to get home and make one! At first, I stitched a few resembling the ones in the book and then was drawn to add a bit of quirkiness by using different colors, fabrics and buttons. I also thought these would make wonderful kits, so I put together a handful as party favors for my daughter's birthday party.

Then it was time to try out my own design, this owl.

Back to the Art Experience!

  My daughter decided to make a felted animal and created this cute Totoro!

I love creating with repetitive movements while the mind relaxes and becomes thought full.  Even though I didn't have a chance to make one, I watched as several of the girls created their own.  

My daughter's creation has many entwined memories for each fabric scrap was originally sewn clothes, costumes or quilts for her and her brother.

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