Monday, January 25, 2016

Home Sweet Home

This is one of my dad's childhood trucks. Since the kids weren't using them at the moment, I thought to bring one upstairs to look at everyday. This one easily converted to a multi level shelf.


Instead of clothes and traveling items, the large suitcase holds drawing paper and canvas while the small one stores all the utensils for making the marks, pencils, charcoal, markers and everything tiny.

This piece of furniture was spray painted gray last autumn and was put in a temporary spot when it was finished. During the holidays more room was needed in the living/dining room and it now sits in the perfect place where it offers an asymmetrical practicality within this cozy spot off the kitchen.

 Stacking the beautiful inspirational books!

Feathers collected over the years find a special home.

After cross county skiing, our wet mittens and gloves are clipped to a ribbon above the heater in the kitchen.

My son caught the spark of arrangement and hammered a nail in his bedroom wall to hang up a few of his favorite things.

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