Saturday, May 2, 2015

Goat and Rabbit



Rabbit with Flowers

A fun time was shared creating these paintings! Two ideas were united as one, a crackle paint technique for the background or frame and an animal portrait using paint and old pages from a book.

While making several crackle paint bases for the cut out images, an exciting discovery was made. Depending how the glue is applied, vertically or dribbled on in randomness, the cracks followed. The ideas are overflowing! 

To create the crackle effect, paint on a thin layer of paint so it will dry quickly. Next, dribble or smear on an ample layer of Elmer's glue. It needs to stay wet while gently painting on the last layer of color. The paint begins to pull apart because the glue and the paint dry at different rates. The results begin to show relatively quickly though the entire drying process may take several hours.


  1. I love them all but my favorite is the goat
    Bravo Ann

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