Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I love creating and what better way to enjoy making art is with others... I had a few ideas and all the materials set up outside on the patio. A beautiful warm sunny day surrounded by driftwood, beads, chatting and nibbling on yummy foods. We began with constructing mobiles with wire, beads and driftwood. Everyone was so pleased with what they made and as they finished, knew the exact home for them.  My daughter's creation above, glows with the evening sun.

There were a couple more ideas that we didn't have time to make, though I continued to be in the creating mood and began to paint, paint, paint! I began with a pastel palette which was inspired by artist, Jessica Turnbow. When collecting art ideas earlier this year, this was one that I was drawn to explore! One, because I have a large collection of Lake Superior driftwood and secondly, I love "candy color"!

While painting with the pastel colors I began looking at a couple different colors of paints that were sitting next to each other and concurrently thought about my daughter's creation in which she drew a geometric design on a white leather wristlet. I had to try it! 

As I wanted to experiment more, I thought about other patterns and color combinations that attract my eye. I knew I wanted to use a herringbone pattern, but what colors? I decided on colors that make up one of my favorite outfits to wear at the moment, gray, dark blue, red and mustard yellow.

For the last idea I found inspiration from artist, Jewell Praying Wolf James. When looking through the driftwood, often an animal image would come to mind or sometimes it would be a boat, a figure or even a teapot. For this one I initially saw a bear, though as I was painting, it turned into this cute little one, a chipmunk! 

If you are interested to know more about the artists mentioned....

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