Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The River Road

This is one of my favorite times of the year. It's right after all of the leaves have fallen and before the first snow. When I focus a little closer and adjust the way I "see" a bit more, I begin to notice all the subtle colors bursting from every living thing...different shades of purples, yellows, oranges, reds, and even greens. It fills me with happiness and wonderment.

Stopping in Maiden Rock and Stockholm, Wisconsin to browse in the local shops and for a treat at the Pelican Bakery. Yum!

After visiting the Red Horse Gallery in Fountain City to see our dear friend and artist, David Eberhardt's majestic, raw photographs of Mississippi river punks and the Mekong river in Cambodia; he showed us a gem of a community a few miles south where homes were settled on the edge of the river, built on stilts or with plastic barrels underneath to float them when the water is high. We can't wait to go back!

Back on the road, traveling across the Mississippi River.

We had an hour before closing time and were in awe of all the fine art works including a special exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, Minnesota. The surroundings were just as captivating with wild flower gardens, barges on the river and yes...an industrial river terminal processing facility.

Looking into the window of the museum reminded me of some of the paintings we were just looking at.

On the horizon, the natural gas plant looks like a beacon of light drawing you closer.  While taking the photos was a last minute decision, the outcome created interesting markings of light across the dark sky...some repetitive...some fluid...some random.

Links to the artists and places mentioned: 
Minnesota Marine Art Museum https://www.mmam.org/     

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