Saturday, December 20, 2014

Moments of Beauty

Everyday I would spend moments breathing in all the colors of the cosmos and zinnias, which stayed in bloom right up to the end of October. On one particular morning, I looked out the window and all of the flowers had wilted overnight. A flutter of sadness came over me and just as quickly created another palette, the perfect ambiance for All Hallows' Eve.
As each photo was taken, I felt more and more awakened to the delicate beauty in each petal...the texture and color...the form of each flower...and soon the cosmos began expressing human nature... love... passion... solitude... bashfulness. The light gleaming through the petals resembled wispy fabric flowing gently in the breeze...the feel of watercolor... My heart was full.



The Embrace

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  1. Simply beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing this beauty of nature.