Wednesday, May 28, 2014

North Shore Treasure

It was mid-May on the North Shore when Enzo found his treasure.  He was on top of a mountain of rock looking over the edge saying, "I found a treasure! Come and see it!"  We were all looking at the stones and pebbles, picking up the ones that caught our eye to examine carefully and gently put in our pockets.  "You must come now!"  he said insistently.  It was difficult to pull away from the stones, though a treasure awaited us.  What could it be?

Looking over the edge, we saw layer upon layer of ice, so thin it looked like glass...when stones were thrown on the ice, it sounded like shattering glass... when it was picked up, it melted in our hands. It was a true treasure given by nature, discovered by a boy.

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  1. great find Enzo. great photos and blog. thanks for the morning breath attention.