Monday, May 8, 2017


I'm always thrilled to be sewing something, anything! I love fabric and continue to add to my already huge collection. When a dear friend asked me to help her alter one of her skirts, I thought, "Yay! A wonderful excuse to sew and especially with a friend".

As the day approached, I began thinking about what I would sew. I have a few pieces of clothing that need alteration too and kept that idea on the back burner.

Though, I really wanted to make something beautiful using the fabric I already have.

The day before, when my son and I were at a library, I checked out the sewing selection of books and one caught my eye.  I paged through it and noticed a project that reminded me of my friend.

On the day, I still didn't know what I wanted to sew, so I thought to make my friend a reversible obi to warm up a bit and asked her to choose the three fabrics that she liked. I also helped her daughter with a plush project.

It was so much fun that I was already thinking of sewing an obi for myself and made two! 

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