Monday, March 6, 2017

Knitting in the Round

First of all, I never felt I was that great at knitting, the stitches seemed to be of different tensions and by the time I was finished with a pattern, it was too small. I knew I could knit a scarf and stuck with that for many years.

A couple things inspired me to take up knitting again, my daughter began the knitting kit that her aunt offered her as a birthday present and around the same time my mom gave me one of her knitting books she no longer uses, from which I fell in love with a few of the patterns. I thought instead of buying new yarn, that I would reduce my ample collection by knitting some of the hats.

The beginning stage of my daughter's hat with beautifully soft yarn. It turned out gorgeous! We are looking for the perfect furry pompom for the top.

My daughter gave me her extra yarn when she was done and I knitted this hat similar to the first one I knitted for my husband.  The pompom was bought for her hat, but it isn't "the one", so it found a home on top of the striped hat.

The orange slouchy beret was a challenge, though I was determined to figure it out. My husband said more than once, "Your ripping it a part again?!" The directions were a little off, which my mom says happens more and more often these days.  As you can see, I figured it out. I also love the result!

 I'm showing you the first hat I knitted, last because my husband wears it all the time and I can hardly catch a photo of it!

I'll be knitting hats until all the yarn is almost gone and maybe give away a few of them!  

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