Saturday, December 31, 2016

Holiday Show


In mid December, I had the opportunity to show and sell my photography at Chindian Gallery. 

One of the main objectives was to display a variety of form within photography. This image was one of my favorites which was printed on fabric and I sewed it into a pillow.

  The night before, I arranged the display to make sure there wasn't any errors the following day.  I'm so glad I did, because many changes to the ideas I had in my mind were improved upon.

One delight was the serendipity in which the item markers were imagined. I wanted to do something different from the summer display and bring a bit of a winter feel. 
The weekend before, I hosted a holiday craft event and one of the craft items came to mind. Upside down it looked like a pine tree, with a green wooded circle and a touch of glitter, I discovered it!

 I dug around all my pieces of furniture, literally "in pieces" and found drawers, chairs and other boxes to display the photographs in frames and on their own.

 The metal book shelf was originally in a local five and dime shop which I spray painted gray last year.

 Paper vessels and paper stones were added for some whimsy and color!

The Holiday Show was a success in many ways and I look forward to participating in more!


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