Monday, October 10, 2016

Summer Sewing

One of my favorite days this summer was when we brought the sewing machine and the fabric outside to sew under the sunshine and blue sky with a light breeze keeping us cool and the mosquitoes at bay.

This deer was on a t-shirt that was so adorable that I knew one day I'd give it a different form. I couldn't decide to make it into a plush or a bag and left it up to the moment. A little girl at the Art Experience thought it would be cute as a plush, so there you go!

~ ~ ~

My daughter made a pillow for our most cherished furry friend!

Also a plush character inspired by one she saw in a local shop years ago.

She asked me to help with some of the sewing.

~ ~ ~

My son had an idea for his sister's bean bag (which she wasn't using anymore), though pink wasn't going to do. So, off to the fabric shop where he chose the color and fabric. I created a pattern from the original bean bag cover to make the new one which was finished by evening. He has the perfect spot for it!

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