Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Washi tape is eye candy! I love all the colors, patterns and the soft texture! 

Though, what can I make with it? Researching on-line I discovered a Japanese artist, Nasa Funhara* that recreates famous paintings using Washi tape. They looked intricate and beautiful. I wanted to try it myself!

The rabbit was my first try. It was more difficult than I thought!

While making the rabbit, the Paris ink drawings that I drew last year came to mind.  I printed one and began filling in the shapes with a multitude of color and patterns as if it were a page from a coloring book. 

At first I thought it wouldn't be discernible and as I placed the last of the sky and chimneys the image became more distinct.

I loved to play around with the washi tape and why stop, so I found a couple photo frames to give them an extra pop of color! Hmm, where can I stick it on next?

*An on-line portfolio of Nasa Funahara's art: http://www.loftwork.com/portfolios/75san

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