Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Mismatched chairs surrounding a large wooden table, boxes full of colorful, patterned and varied thicknesses of paper gathered on the lush grass, children and adults of various ages creating sculptures and objects from papier-mâché by dipping the specially chosen strips of paper into the glue and placing them one by one on their armatures or molds. All under the bright warm sun with a light breeze keeping us cool while picking up one of the papers from time to time. Another perfect summer day for creating!

Papier-mâché bowls

These delicate bowls are made of a few layers of assorted paper.

The papier-mâché deer has been waiting all year to have a bit of color and pattern. Finally this summer, I added layers of tissue paper to give a painterly feel on the ears and pattern overall. 

My daughter made a deer for her aunt and liked it so much that she made a second one!


She decided that she liked the natural look of the newsprint for both the llama she made last summer and the pair of deer.

My son created shoulder armor and a beer mug!

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