Sunday, June 21, 2015


A rainy day was spent with dear friends painting and chatting around a large wooden table with brushes filled with many colors transforming the gray day into a creative colorful experience.

Blue Whale
 Sting Ray
 Fox Long Ears

The following beauties painted by my daughter, Mila.


Pink Splash

Painting à la American artist, Vance Kirkland was not only meditative, it reminded me of the hours upon hours filling in multiple images in the coloring books of many years ago.
The process began with a painted layer of different colors, followed by a splatter of color and then for the relaxing part, placing dots close together to create additional varied shapes.  As I was covering the canvas with dots, I noticed images begin to emerge and was compelled to accentuate them as the titles suggest. 
I would like to add that the bubble gum pink in the first three painting were perfectly inspired by the sweetest three year old girl sitting next to me.

Also, the "splash" in the last art work, painted by my daughter, reminds me of the David Hockney painting, A Bigger Splash


Also, David Hockney, The Bigger Splash, 1967.

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