Friday, September 19, 2014


While browsing art and craft books at the library, I was attracted to a felting book all about food.  I showed it to my daughter and we each chose something we wanted to start with...realizing we needed a few more colors, we rode our bikes to the local farm.

Mila made the carrot and I began with a macaroon.  Well, what I began doing turned into a mushroom!  And then I began again...

It's so pleasing to find inspiration and go for it without delay!  We had most of the materials to felt right at home because we began this journey years ago while visiting the local farm for their events.  They have a cute little shop with everything you need to felt including a rainbow of wool, which is sheared and cleaned at the farm then sent out to dye.

As we were finishing up our first creation, my son saw what we were doing and requested a pizza!   

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  1. The local farm is Gale Woods Farm and in case you'd like to take a peek at the book...Feltlicious Needle-Felted Treats to Make & Give by Kari Chapin & Kerri Wessel.